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SwimmingPool MaintenanceHow to Clean a Hayward Pool Filter

How to Clean a Hayward Pool Filter

The Hayward pool filter is one of the most common used for pools of different sizes.

The simple design and powerful motor make it a highly efficient type of pool filter.

You will need to clean the filter when the pressure increases up to 8 to 10 PSI over that of a clean filter.

The filter itself is fairly easy to clean, but you will need the right products and tools to do the job.

Products and Tools Needed to Clean Your Hayward Filter

  • Hydrochloric Acid: Sometimes called Muriatic Acid
  • Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)*
  • Measuring Cup
  • Plastic Trash Can: 50-gallon size
  • Silicone Paste: To recondition and seal the O-rings.
  • Spray Nozzle: Preferably one with a multi-function hose

*This is a typical household product that works well in cleaning away minerals such as calcium carbonate, iron, and non-minerals such as algae. You will need a gallon or two every time you want to clean the filter. The advantages of TSP include being strong, non-foaming, easy to rinse, and quite inexpensive. For Hayward filters, it’s one of the best cleaning products on the market.

In addition, you’ll need a 3/8th drive ratchet, a 3/8th drive torque wrench, a 3/4” socket, rubber mallet, nitrile gloves, and some rags or paper towels for cleanup purposes.

While there are some specialty products on the market, unless the instructions say to explicitly use them, you can save a lot of money by using the basics listed here.

How to Clean a Hayward Pool Filter the Right Way

The first step is to turn off the pump, close all valves, and open the housing.

You can pull out the water filter, but you’ll want to drain the housing first or open the breather valve to avoid a vacuum being created.

  • Rinse off the filters with a regular garden hose
  • Place filters in TSP cleaner solution, one cup per five gallons, and leave overnight
  • Rinse filter housing
  • Place filters in muriatic acid, a one to one acid to water solution, and leave overnight
  • Rinse filters and reinstall

You’ll want to take this time to clean and lubricate the housing seals.

Use silicone paste to recondition the seals.

Once completed, you can reassemble the pool filter housing and make sure everything is ready to go before starting up the filter.

Be sure that you clean the pool of major debris first, so you can get an accurate measurement of the pressure in the filter housing.

Keep an eye on the pressure gauge to ensure that everything is working to specs.

Which if the Best Hayward Filter for Your Swimming Pool?

[amazon box=”B00198CW7G”]

So, it will take two days to fully clean your Hayward filters.

But if they are only lightly corroded, then you might get away with a three-hour bath in the TSP solution.

Your pool maintenance efforts will be a lot easier when you choose the right Hayward pool filter.

One of the best is the Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump.

A 1.5 horsepower pump that is simple to use, quite powerful, and durable which means you get years of proper filtration with little maintenance.


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