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6 Best SUP Electric Pumps for Your Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard in 2021

Inflatable stand up paddleboards (or SUPs) are incredibly fun to use on the open water.

If you’re sick of having to pump your inflatable SUP by hand, you should definitely look into getting an electric pump.

They expand your SUP a lot quicker than a manual pump and allow you to multi-task while your SUP is being filled.

It’s also great to have one of these gadgets if you need to pump more than one SUP.

These gadgets are straightforward to use, and you can store them in your trunk and have them ready for action in the blink of an eye.

If you’re looking for the best SUP electric pump, we’ve got our list of the top 6 pumps on the market.

Let’s dive into our picks!

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Best SUP Electric Pump Reviews

Here is our list of the best SUP electric pumps on the market:

1. SereneLife Premium Compact Digital Air Pump Compressor

[amazon box=”B07535PTZ3″]

This pump has an automated shut-off, straightforward buttons, and advanced perusing, all to make the inflation or flattening process simpler.

This SUP blower is easy to utilize in light of its obviously named catches and little computerized presentation.

This enables you to effectively set the PSI to where you need it to be and give the electric pump a chance to carry out its responsibility.

This pump is another vehicle-accommodating alternative, where you will connect it to the cigarette jack of your vehicle for power.

The better subtleties of this pump make its development of high caliber.


  • Automated Shut-off
  • Easy to understand buttons
  • Readings in MBARs and KPAs


  • Only a single adapter

2. OutdoorMaster 20PSI High-Pressure SUP Air Pump The Shark

[amazon box=”B07QXSM5RG”]

The Shark inflatable pump is a smooth, lightweight answer for make inflating your SUP or kayak quick and straightforward.

The two-organize pump will blow up your SUP in no time flat up to 20PSI.

It’s little and slender enough to fit in numerous capacity pockets on iSUP convey knapsacks, and if not, it should fit inside it.

This item is anything but difficult to utilize, simply plug it into your vehicle’s embellishment outlet and power it on.

Set the ideal weight on the excellent showcase, interface the hose to your SUP, and let this item take the necessary steps.


  • Up to 20 PSI pressure
  • H3 valve which is compatible with several models
  • Dual-stage high-pressure inflation


  • Sometimes H3 valve doesn’t work properly

3. NIXY Elite Inflatable Paddle Board Electric Pump

[amazon box=”B076CSR6GW”]

The Nixy Elite is truly outstanding and top of the line pumps.

Which isn’t an astonishment thinking about its stunning highlights and usefulness?

This electric pump has demonstrated to be dependable, on account of its phenomenal engineering.

This pump accompanies a non-wrinkling hose with an H3 spout.

This item can undoubtedly go up to 20PSI and will blow up your iSUP steadily and rapidly.

Also, it interfaces with a 12V vehicle battery or cigarette lighter.

At the point when the breaking point is accomplished (numerous brands suggest 10-15 PSI), the pump turns off naturally.


  • Automatic shut off
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Available at an affordable price tag


  • Makes a very loud sound
  • Not very fast

4. Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump

[amazon box=”B00HN93D8M”]

The Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump has a power string, which is genuinely long.

It’s around 4 meters (13 feet), so you can without much of a stretch attachment it into your vehicles’ 12v outlet and have a lot of string to arrive at your boards.

Utilizing the pump is likewise exceptionally clear.

Turn it on – Select PSI, KPA, or BAR – Use the in addition to and less fastens to choose the measure of PSI you need your board swelled to – Hit the power button once more.

Your board will, at that point, be inflated to a maximum of 15 PSI inside two or three minutes.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Long power cord
  • Up to 15 PSI high pressure inflating


  • Makes a loud noise while operating
  • The hose is weak and might break easily


[amazon box=”B07FKJ6JYK”]

Nalanda 20 PSI Electric Air Pump is one of those couple of Electric Air Pumps that aides inflating and deflating a kayak.

To accelerate the procedure of flattening, it has an emptying port that enables discharging the air to weight exceptionally quick.

And, subsequently permitting the kayaker to head home without going through hours to get the kayak collapsed.

The catches are unmistakable, and they are named obviously and subsequently diminishing the probability of settling on wrong decisions while inflating or deflating a kayak.

It has additionally got an LCD show that demonstrates the gaseous tension plainly.

On the off chance that you set a specific PSI, NALANDA 20 PSI Electric Air Pump will consequently quit pumping air into the kayak once it arrives at the set pneumatic stress.


  • Extremely lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Cylinder type compressor helps in high-pressure inflation
  • Quiet turbofan is used to cover loud noise


  • The price could have been lower

6. New 20PSI SUP Electric High Air Pump

[amazon box=”B07THVLZ16″]

This product is quite easy to use the 12V high-pressure electric pump for SUPs and inflatable boats.

Double stage pumping and auto-off takes into consideration advantageous and straightforward inflation and flattening.

It has exceptionally proficient double air inflators constrained by advanced weight controller module, which supports up to 20 PSI extend.

It tends to be utilized for multipurpose utilization, for example, yoga ball inflatable, vehicle inflatable bed, floating row inflatable, inflatable couch, inflatable tent.


  • 5 nozzles for multipurpose usage
  • Up to 20 PSI high-pressure inflation
  • Automatic shut off


  • The LCD quality could have been better


So, these were some of the best SUP electric pumps available on the market.

If you own an inflatable board or boat, then these products can definitely help you save time.

This is the main reason why people prefer electric pumps over manual pumps.


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