Spearfishing 101

When it comes to outdoor adventures one that doesn’t get a lot of attention is spearfishing. That is, unless you’ve tried it before because spearfishing can definitely be a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of work. If you’re willing to put the time in though you’re definitely going to have a great experience, whether you go on your own or make it a trip with plenty of friends.

What is Spearfishing?

Spearfishing is just what it sounds like, fishing with a spear. This type of fishing uses a whole lot of skill and a lot of patience because you need to be able to stand in the water or directly over it for a long time. You need to be able to stay extremely still also so that the fish in the water feel safe coming closer to you. If they think you’re part of the water they’ll swim around and you’ll get a chance to try and get them.

Of course, you’re going to need the right type of equipment in order to go spearfishing. This isn’t like going fishing the regular way. Instead of a fishing pole and bait, you’re going to need a spear and carbon fins. It’s all about choosing a speargun that really works for you. You’re also going to need to get a lot of practice with it because once you get the fish to swim close enough to you you’re going to have to stab one of them with the spear. If you can’t get them in that split second you’re going to have a long wait to get them to come back around again.

Why Go Spearfishing?

So, if it’s so much work and there’s so much skill involved why would you want to go spearfishing? Well, because it’s fun. It’s going to take a lot, sure, but even just going out is a lot of fun. You get to hang out in the sun with some friends. You get to laugh and joke and maybe poke a little fun at each other when you miss or fall in the river. And as you get the hang of it you’re going to be able to catch some fish that you can cook up and eat.

If you’re looking for a fun pastime you can definitely get a lot out of spearfishing. You just have to get out there and give it a try to see how it’s going to work for you.