Whether you're a beginner or veteran when it comes to water sporting activities, you should know that choosing the right equipment has always been vital. Whether you're paddling, skating, or skimboarding, you'll want to have the best equipment for the activity. Today I'll be showing you the various things to look for when choosing a spear gun to purchase. Let's see what you'll need to keep an eye on before your purchase.

The Type of Gun

There are many types of spearguns, each with their own niches and specialties. These types range from rollers, (the more traditional) band-powered, and pneumatic. Each of these guns has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of fishing you'll be doing. The best thing you could do is your due diligence in deciding which gun is right for you.

The Speargun Length

When it comes to how to choose a spear gun, you'll notice the many lengths to choose from. This ranges from the size and type of fish you're hunting to the location. For instance, if you are going to fish in caves or places with low visibility, you might want to choose a spear gun measuring from 50cm to about 75cm. If your hunting grounds are the open oceans, lakes, or beaches, a length of 165cm to about 170cm is best for larger open-water fish.

Speargun Shaft Tip

Of course, you don't want to forget one of the most crucial parts of a spear gun when it comes to choosing one. You must remember the importance of a shaft tip. The best shaft tips which are floppers and slip tips. The flopper shaft is best because it deploys a hinged barb after the shaft passes through the fish. On the other hand, a slip tip is used as a detachable element from the gun after it has penetrated the fish and remains attached to the shaft via a wire or spectra. If you are planning to fish in the reefs, floppers are highly encouraged; however, for blue water areas where fish are more delicate, use a slip tip shaft.

The Speargun Bands

Another thing to consider, aside from the tip and length of the shaft, is the speargun bands. The most vital aspects of the bands are their diameter and stretching capabilities. Shorter bands demand more power and energy, but their advantages are that they are more powerful when shooting fish. Something else to keep in mind is the band's durability. Some people will purchase spear guns without researching band durability, and over time end up paying more in replacement parts than the gun itself. Make sure that the gun's bands can stretch widely and that the rubber has been reinforced.

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