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Water SportsKneeboardingHow to Do a 360 on a Kneeboard

How to Do a 360 on a Kneeboard

Most people who participate in water sports have come across the tricks that have helped them become more skilled than they’d ever imagined. You have probably seen tricks for skating, paddling, skimboarding and jet skiing. Today you will have the pleasure of understanding how to do a 360 on a kneeboard. The first and most important thing is to be able to ride comfortably while keeping your body weight and balance constant. Here is how to do a 360 on a kneeboard.

1. Extend Your Arms

After you have learned to ride your board carefully while balancing in water, you are well on your way to doing a 360 on a kneeboard. The trick starts with two possibilities: having the rope on the outside, or inside of your body. Whatever position you choose, the next thing to do is to extend your arms. Opening your arms helps you maintain balance while holding the rope and rotating. It also discourages the friction that is brought on by air resistance.

2. Press Your Knees Firmly Against the Paddleboard

With the board strap sitting on the top of your thighs tightly and comfortably, you also need to make sure your knees are firmly pressed against the paddleboard. Whether you like to follow the wrapped approach or any other method, the position of your knees and thighs become vital when learning how to do a 360 on a kneeboard. The strap holds your thighs tight to make sure you do not stagger or lose balance on the board while keeping your knees on the front side of the paddle helps you to easily break from air resistance as you move forward.

3. Pulling the Handle to Your Hips

When learning how to do a 360 on a kneeboard, the process consists of pulling the handle to your hips by releasing your left handle without letting go of the handle on your back. The best way is to start by pulling the handle to your right hip while your left hand releases it from the back without rotating. Then, using your free left hand to hold the handle behind the back, release your right hand to quickly grab the line again.

4. Practice at the Recommended Speed

The best way to practice doing a 360 on a kneeboard is to go at an even pace. When you practice at a high speed to start, you will most likely panic and end up losing your balance. When going at too low a speed, you risk sinking. The idea is to start at a speed of about 5KM per hour and increase the speed once you have the hang of it.

To stay balanced, stay focused on the horizon. This will help you avoid panicking when trying out a higher speed. When you grab the handle with your right hand, cut toward the angle and lean forward. Then just “pop” before releasing the rope again.


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