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Water SportsWakeboardingLiquid Force Harley Wakeboard Review: Is it Worth the Money?

Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Review: Is it Worth the Money?

It seems that every wakeboard company has its own take in terms of design, weight, and use of fins and channels for their product.

Liquid Force is no exception as they have created in the Harley Wakeboard a unique product that offers plenty of action while allowing the rider to maintain as much control as possible.

However, does this wakeboard live up to the considerable hype it has received for its challenging design?

What follows are the specs, pros, cons, and if you should purchase this wakeboard.

Wakeboard Specs

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The Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard is of standard size and shape compared to most of the competition.

However, there are a few features that stand out:

  • Low Volume, Variable Edge Rails
  • Three Stage Rocker Triple Concave
  • Quad V Channels
  • Bladed RX Quad Fin Design
  • Pro-Glass Combo Layup
  • Weight: 15 lbs.

This wakeboard has a flex rating of 2.

Plus, it has a performance rating from 4 to 8.

It is designed as a beginner board, although those with intermediate or even advanced experience can get quite a bit out of this product.

Pros of the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard

Here are some of the advantages of owning this wakeboard:

Cool Features

Unlike many basic designs for wakeboards, this one offers several features that make it well suited for intermediate and even advanced riders.

The use of four channels, fins, and pro-glass combo layup means that this wakeboard offers exceptional control.

But what makes this wakeboard special is the combination of features that work together to provide a superior ride.

Solid Material

The materials used to create the Harley Wakeboard are both durable and flexible, meaning that you’ll get several years use out of this product if properly maintained.

The overall construction of the board itself is high-quality, making it a real keeper for those who love to wakeboard. Well suited for beginners, this board can last quite a while.


The Quad V Channels direct the water the flows underneath so that you maintain better control.

The unique design of the channels combined with the variable edge rails helps riders stay on the board and not get cut by edges in the water.

Cons of the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard

If there is a con, it is the price.

At nearly $300 retail, there are other wakeboards of similar construction that cost noticeably less.

However, the unique features of the Harley Wakeboard may make it worth the cost.

This will depend in large part on what you want to get out of this product.

But it is recommended that you should check out the pricing on different sites to find the best deal.

Verdict: Is This Wakeboard Worth Buying?

A bit pricey in our opinion, but overall the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard is an exceptional product.

The three-stage rocker design allows for better balance and maximum control even on harsh waves.

The Quad V channels allow for the water to pass under more evenly which makes riding the wakeboard independently or being towed more predictable.

This is a valuable asset when on the waves, so it can be stated that the Harley Wakeboard is a superior product from Liquid Force.


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