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FishingHow to Put a Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel

How to Put a Fishing Line on a Closed Face Reel

Sometimes called a spincast, a closed face reel is quite popular because they are small, simple to use, and resistant to changing conditions because the design protects the fishing line. However, they are not that intuitive to add a new fishing line. But you can do it with a few steps and keep using your closed face reel.

Use the Correct Line

You should check the specifications for the closed face reel you are using to ensure that you will be inserting the right type of fishing line. The information is usually right on the reel button itself, so check it first before you insert any new fishing line.

You should also check the maximum capacity for the reel and compare that to the fishing line that you have purchased. It should be a simple matter of comparing the length and finding the right amount for your reel.

Connecting the Line

Start by unscrewing the cone section away from the reel base. Then, remove any old line that is left inside. You may want to oil the parts if it has been a while since the reel has been used.

Next, run the fishing line you have purchased through the cone which is detached. Before you reattach the cone, connect the line to the spool. Once attached to the reel, tie a knot on the free end and then tighten the rest around the spool itself. This will keep the line on the reel.

Then, tie another knot at the end of the line behind the reel. This is your insurance policy in case, for some reason, the first knot slips from the reel itself.


Now you can reattach the cone and start turning the handle so the line spools around the reel. If you want, you can spool the line a few times before reattaching the cone just to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Keep the line taut, otherwise, you risk tangles or worse, running the line off the spool which can create a big mess inside the compartment. To remove any excess slack, hold the line with one hand a few inches away from the entrance to the cone. Let the line run between your thumb and finger to ensure that it is going in smoothly.

Continue to spool the reel until you reach maximum capacity. Overloading the spool may cause the line to come off, so be sure to stop once it is full.

Cut & Prep

Cut the line at a point up the rod and past the smallest eye. Now tie on a hook, lure, or snap and you are ready to go. If you have plenty of excess fishing line around, keep it in a place out of the sun and wind to ensure that it is not damaged by the elements. You may need that line in case you run out.

Putting a fishing line on a closed face rail is not complicated, but it does require a little work to get the tension right.


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