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Water SportsWakeboarding5 Best Beginner Wakeboards in 2021

5 Best Beginner Wakeboards in 2021

Wakeboarding has made riding the water so much cooler and fun and one cannot help but get addicted to this sport. After picking up on the basics you gotta have your wakeboard. However, the fuss about buying a wakeboard for a beginner can be confusing.

There are several types of wakeboards out there for beginners and pros with different features. For this reason, you need to know which board is right for you. There are different designs to suit various styles of riding and ability levels.

As your progress on your skills from a beginner to an experienced wakeboarder, there will be a versatile range of boards you may want to get your hands on. Being new at this sport, starting on the basics is essential before you take everything to the water.

Each surfer has their own styles and you might develop a style of your own as you expand your skills. However, the basics of a newbie are generally simple and pretty much the same for everyone. Our guidelines are compiled to give you a comprehensive knowledge of getting your hands on the perfect wakeboard.

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Best Beginner Wakeboard Reviews

Before deciding on a purchase, here is a quick look at what makes the best beginner wakeboard for a starter boarder.

Follow our research to know which type of wakeboard will best suit your style of riding the water.

1. CWB Connelly Pure Wakeboard – Best Overall Beginner Wakeboard

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From beginners to pro boarders, the CWB Conelly Wakeboard is preferred by most wakeboarders. This is an ideal board to take it to the waters for the first time as it has features that balance performance and versatility.

The 3-stage rocker hits the wake and pops creating more friction in the water to provide the perfect speed for beginners. At the base, you will find long base molded fins and rail channels that assist in the board track. Two 1.9 inches removable fins can be attached at the center for more board tracking.

Style-wise, this wakeboard is sleek and fancy which has a laminated Nexus shell that has UV protection. This is a durable and light-weighted ideal for beginners to crash the water with comfort and style.


  • Stable ride for beginners
  • Features a full spine hull which displaces water to soften landings
  • Suitable for both beginners and intermediates


  • Speed is limited due to high friction in the water
  • Not ideal for big surfers

See This Board in Action!

2. Driftsun Throwdown Wakesurf Board – The Runner Up

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Another ideal choice for beginner riders is the Driftsun Throwdown Wakeboard created by Wakesurfers. This board has the reputation of being one of the most preferred beginner boards earning the name “from boat, to rope, to wake”.

Entry-level riders will definitely get addicted to this wakeboard as they jump, spin, and perform tricks like a pro. The Driftsun Wakeboard will help in your progress from beginner to intermediate as your confidence grows to rip on the water.

This dynamic board provides features that will help you to develop your skills and explore your full range of abilities in the water.

The double-concave base contour provides a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds. One of the best features is the removable four fins that have Flush Futures Fin boxes that enable you to upgrade and further customize with compatible fins.

The Driftsun Throwdown Wakeboard is constructed with hand-finished EPS foam with a natural wood stringer. The glass epoxy resin layered on top fiberglass surface gives a sleek finish to the wakeboard.

If you are searching for a wakeboard that will grow with you as you go from noobs to pro, this is the perfect one for you.


  • Ideal board to learn skills and progress
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Suitable for intermediate riders


  • Not ideal for tricks
  • Not for surfers with a big body frame

3. Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer – Best Budget Wakeboard for Beginners

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Make your first wave adventure a memorable one with the Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurfer board. Geared for first-time surfers, who are ready to progress to the intermediate level, this board features a tri-fin thruster set-up offering both control and speed while riding the waves.

This board has the making for the best wakeboard for beginners because first entry riders can ride the water with confidence without falling off much while making turns.

It has a monocoque construction integrating the top and bottom glass into one. This aids in the durability of the board preventing delamination.

If you are ready to perform some surface tricks and edging, this board has removable fins that will allow for more movement. With a weight capacity of up to 230pounds, even big riders can use this with ease and durability.


  • Ideal for big surfers
  • Durable surface
  • Value for money


  • Not ideal for high-speed jumps and spins
  • Not suitable to get big air

4. CTRL Imperial Wakeboard

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If you are looking for a board to grow along with your progression, this CTRL wakeboard is the one for you. As a beginner, falling off the board can be a frequent event which is why this board features removable center fins. This feature helps in keeping the surfer stable on the water. As you work on your balance you can pop the center fin and catch some air and start working on your tricks.

The three-stage rocker allows the surfer to gain more control to pop off the wake. This board provides room for both gapping wake to wake and wakeboarding as well.

The CTRL Imperial Wakeboard is made of high-quality PBT or polybutylene terephthalate material which makes it durable for a long period while performing well in the water.


  • Made of superior quality material
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use for beginners


  • Not built for big surfers
  • Color may be too bright for some buyers

5. CWB Connelly Surge Kids Wakeboard

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For the young first-timers who just discovered the joy of water sports, the CWB Connelly Surge Kids Wakeboard is the ideal surfing board. This board has features perfect to create confidence in the little surfers. You can be assured of a steady and safe ride with the 125 cm board with full spine and 4×4 molded fins.

The mellow 3-stage rocker profile gives the extra lift off the wake without going too fast. This is a great feature that provides safety for the younger surfers who are still at the novice stage. The 4×4 molded fins offer grip while the removable center fins assist the board tracks. Packaged at an affordable price, it comes with Optima wakeboard bindings.

If you are searching for a wakeboard that will provide both safety and the features to help your little surfer progress in the water, look no further for this is the perfect wakeboard.


  • Stable ride for kids
  • Has safety features
  • Ideal for progressive surfers


  • Not build for big riders
  • Not for speed and extreme tricks

Wakeboard for Beginners Buying Guide


Wakeboards have different designs for beginners, intermediates, and pros considering length, style, size, and prices as well. This variety of styles gives you ample options to choose from which may seem overwhelming but with knowledge and guide in the details, you can afford to make a good decision.

For beginner wakeboarders, it is advised to go for the most basic board that will allow you to ride the waters safely and also learn at the same time. There are certain factors and elements you need to keep in mind before you make that purchase.

There is no one perfect wakeboard for beginners; rather it depends on your personal preference. While taking into account the factors that make the ideal wakeboard for beginners for you, you need to keep a check on the budget and which board pulls your heartstrings the most. It’s not just the practicality of the board but whether it suits your body and most importantly if it will grow as you progress to an advanced level.

To simplify here are some factors compiled for better comprehension.

Length And Width

This is an important factor that you cannot ignore. Depending on your height and weight you can choose the length and width of the wakeboard from 134 cm to 142 cm. There is no fixed equation for wakeboard for instance, heavy riders can a shorter board which is wider than the others.

For beginners, the width is something you should first give attention to. If you are planning to perform some tricks, wider boards mean more pop, though they are known to carve less than those boards with less width.

The length of the wakeboard needs to be aligned with your body weight and height. For instance, if you are below 150lbs you can go for boards measuring up to 134cm, likewise if your weight is above 200lbs, you need a 146cm wakeboard size.

Choosing a slightly larger wakeboard is usually suggested for newbie surfers as they are easy to use and slower in the waters.

Rails And Edges

Another important factor to consider for your first wakeboard is whether your board has quality rails and edges or not. Sharp edges or rails give more acceleration which means you can try those speed and heel side tricks. However, if you are still not confident of taking the fast lane, you can go for rounded edges which are more forgiving, they are ideal for surface tricks as well.

Some boards have sharp edges at each end and thick rounded edges at the center which allows both speed and surface tricks. This beginners design give you control to try on various tricks like spin and butter without going overboard


Basically, rocker means the shape and curve of the board when placed on a flat surface. Depending on your skill levels there are three types of rockers – hybrid, continuous, and 3-stage rocker.

Most newbie wakeboarders go for the boards with fewer rockers, as this gives them more control when going on a straight streak. Moreover, they help in performing tricks and jumps effortlessly.

As a beginner, you may have to go for the 3-stage rocker which gives more pop and tends to rise high on the water. This type of rocker will help you perform better and you won’t feel like a noob on surface water.

Beginner Wakeboard FAQS

Guy on a Wakeboard

Even after going through guidelines, some questions may arise pertaining to your personal preferences. Here is a compilation of some commonly asked questions by beginner wakeboarders which might help in giving you more insight.

How To Jump On A Wakeboard?

Watersport can be exciting but before you start jumping wakes, know your way through steering and balancing.

Start by learning the progressive edge where you move towards the wake and get airborne. Remember to stand tall and lift off and after you take that big leap try to land smoothly before you ride away. While landing, keep your knees bent to keep safe from injury. And after landing you can maintain the same angle for some distance.

How Do You Pick The Right Wakeboard Size?

Your body weight is an important factor to determine the size of the wakeboard, while the height can be ignored to some extent. If you are below 90lbs, choose a board with a length between 119-122cm and if you are on the heavier side weighing more than 200lbs, get a wakeboard measuring more than 140cm in length.

Another factor is your riding style, whether you want to pop off the lake or ride rails in cable parks. There are boards designed to fit your riding style.

How To Put Bindings On Wakeboard

Firstly determine which foot you are going to place in the front when you are riding. After deciding on your stance, make sure you are familiar with the width of the bindings and how far they have to be set apart. The recommended width is to keep it apart at shoulder-length.

Now you can mount the dick by rotating it at about 10 degrees for both the front and rear binding. Finally, adjust the bindings according to your stance and your level of skills.

Find The Best Wakeboard for Beginners That’s Right For You

Deciding on getting the best beginner wakeboard requires a lot of thought on the factors of the board and individual preferences.

Always keep safety in mind, the thought of riding the water may be exciting and you may want to speed up your skills to be a pro. It is wise to take things slow as you progress from level to level. As you grow in your performances, the style of the board may also grow with you. Our comprehensive guideline is there to give you insight, the final decision is yours to make.


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