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Water SportsWakeboardingCTRL Standard Wakeboard Review: How Standard is it, Really?

CTRL Standard Wakeboard Review: How Standard is it, Really?

Wakeboards have become more popular thanks to improved materials which makes them even more fun to ride.

Wakeboards should not be confused with standard surfboards which are much longer.

While wakeboards offer greater maneuverability, they are also prone to catching edges which means that a skilled hand is required to use them properly.

CTRL has been producing wakeboards for quite some time, offering a line of exceptional products geared for the wakeboard enthusiast.

The standard wakeboard is the backbone of the company, but does it provide what you need to fully enjoy being on the waves?

Wakeboard Features

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The specs for the standard version include the basics you expect in modern wakeboard design.

This includes the reinforced fins and hardwood infused core for strength and flexibility.

  • ABS Reinforced Fins
  • Hybrid Core Hardwood Infused
  • TST Top Seam Rails
  • ERC 1 Core Construction
  • M6 Inserts
  • Bi-Axial Layered Glass
  • Shipping Weight: 15 lbs.

Pros of the CTRL Standard Wakeboard

Here are some advantages to owning the CTRL Standard Wakeboard:


Arguably the biggest advantage of purchasing the CRTL wakeboard is to get a solid, durable product.

The wakeboard is expertly crafted and built to withstand years of normal use on the surf.

Its hardwood infused hybrid core means that it can stand up to the pounding of the waves and still stay together for many hours of being on the surf.

Ergonomic Shape

The shape of the wakeboard maximizes control while minimizing the effort on your feet, legs, and joints.

Yes, you still have to work hard to stay on the board in the rolling waves, but the shape itself is designed to help you all the way.

This means you get less tired and get more action on the wakeboard itself no matter the surf conditions.


While the hardwood infused core provides ample strength, it is also flexible enough to help you maintain control.

The flexibility also helps you to avoid cutting edges which causes flips on the wakeboard.

While no amount of flexibility will help you maintain full control at all times, it can assist in avoiding some conditions that might cause you to lose control.

In addition, the price of the CRTL Standard Wakeboard is quite reasonable and well-suited for beginners who want to get into the sport without making a big investment.

Cons of the CTRL Standard Wakeboard

There are no cons to the CRTL Standard Wakeboard that fall within the design of the product.

This means that while there are other, more advanced wakeboards that CRTL and other companies make, this version is not designed to be as good as those.

You get what you pay for and with the standard version – and you certainly get a lot!

Verdict: Is This Wakeboard Worth Buying?

The addition of new materials combined with the hybrid hardwood core makes the CRTL Standard Wakeboard a real winner.

For a reasonable price, this wakeboard is perfect for beginners and those who want a standard version to ride the waves under most conditions.

While not as advanced as others in the CRTL line, it is well-suited for those who are just starting out and those with surfboard experience who want to make the transition to wakeboards.


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