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Fishing5 Best Kayaks for Big Guys in 2021

5 Best Kayaks for Big Guys in 2021

Finding the right kayak can be quite difficult, especially for big guys. But don’t give up yet! Nowadays, various kayak manufacturers are providing comfortable, stable, and sturdy kayaks designed to meet the demand of big framed individuals. So, hang in there!

Whether you’re long-legged or big-boned, with enough effort, you can find a kayak that suits your needs in no time. In this article, we’ll run you through a selection of the best kayaks for big guys currently available on the market. You can check the review out down below along with some additional guidance.

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Best Kayak for Big Guys Reviews

Here is a list of the top 5 kayaks for big guys, we’ll be discussing its features, durability, and more. Check it out!

1. Pelican Kayak Sentinel – Best Overall Big and Tall Kayak

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The pelican sentinel is an excellent choice for those that enjoy fishing on calming water. It comes with the ARGO recreational sit-in, ideal for any seasonal paddlers looking to relax on a slow-moving surface.

The kayak structure is constructed using the Multi Chine Hull, this is known to be excellent for maintaining stability on tough water surfaces. Not only does this beast hold up well but it also provides spacious cockpits to entertain easy entry and exit for all sizes of kayakers.

With this one, we mean it when we say it’s a fisher’s kayak. Designed to meet the needs of modern fishers, the angler sit on top kayak hits home. Accompanying this is the flat bottom hull that ensures a stable movement when casting and reeling in those fishes.

Pelican follows a unique manufacturing process that allows passage for additional flotation within the hull of the sit-in, this is to ensure the kayak can meet or even surpass ABYC standards. Overall, this process enables the kayaks to have a much lighter composure while maintaining a solid frame.

Simple yet modern, this is a kayak worth investing in, especially for those that enjoy the simple pleasures of relaxing and fishing out in the open sea over a beer or two.


  • Easy entry/exit
  • Includes molded handles
  • Spacious


  • Inconvenient hook placement
  • Paddles are not included

See This Kayak in Action!

2. Wilderness Systems Premium Kayak – The Runner Up

[amazon box=”B07ZTXTVMN”]

A sizeable kayak with an open design, this is a delight for even the heftiest of paddlers out there. The design is entirely customizable to suit any environment and purpose – whether it’s fishing or relaxing out on a sunny day.

If you’re a heavy walker, you can save your sweat as the deck is walkable and stable while also remaining nimble and stealthy on the water. The storage unit comes prepped with spacious compartments located throughout. This includes a rear storage space tank wall, covered tank wall, a paddle park feature, and a rectangular stern hatch.

This kayak does not take comfort lightly. It comes with the XL adjustable padded foot braces to maximize support and overall comfort. Backing up this comfort factor is the AirPro seat with extended travel. Apart from providing comfort, these are also easily adjustable and comes in mesh fabric covers along with 3D foam for greater airflow.

For convenience, it offers the SlideTrax, an accessory holder that entertains tools, beverages, and more. Finally, it tops off with the powerful Flex Pod OS control console along with the Helix Motor Drive compatibility. Try it out and we’re certain, the fishes nor the ocean will stand a chance.


  • Features sit on top fishing
  • Comfortable seating
  • Fast


  • A little heavy
  • Moderate height

3. Lifetime Tamarack Kayak – Best Budget Big and Tall Kayak

[amazon box=”B00JYUXUZO”]

If your wallet is quite slim, don’t worry the Lifetime Tamarack still offers an efficient kayak to meet any budget. Constructed using the finest blow-molded and high-density polyethylene, it is extremely durable, holds up well under the sun thanks to its UV protection, and can resist severe blows.

The kayak comes in an olive green color tone with a weight capacity of 275lbs, this is great if you’re a little heavy. Keeping in mind both comfort and functionality, it features padded seats with two storage hatches placed at the rear and center. Also, this one is an SOT model, making it perfect for sit on top fishing.

Backing up the storage feature, the kayak accommodates other accessories with two fishing pole holders, a paddle cradle, and a rod holder. This provides plenty of room to accompany long paddling and various fishing adventures.

Designed to battle harsh water surface, the Tamarack maintains great stability with its flat bottom and deep tracking channels along with chine rails. Packed with plenty of accessories to enhance your daily kayaking along with easy transportation, this 52-pound kayak offers a value for money deal and you’ll want to take it.


  • Tracks well
  • Easy to handle
  • Cost-efficient


  • Thing seat padding
  • Moderate weight capacity

4. Lifetime Triton Kayak

[amazon box=”B079X38ZCX”]

If you’re looking for a lengthy kayak, the Triton Angler from lifetime is a great pick. This 10ft kayak comes in a solid olive green color scheme with adjustable seatback and molded footwells to maximize comfort as you sit out your kayaking adventures.

Performance-wise, it may not be the fastest but makes up for it with great stability and improved tracking with the integrated skeg. You’ll also get padded seats, toggle handles, and a storage tank well. Another added convenience is the adjustable footrest that pairs well with different sized paddlers.

The kayak also features 2-rod holders and an adjustable rod holder. Some other features include bungee storage straps, a built-in bottle holder, and a molded-in footrest. This is incredibly convenient, especially for individuals that stay on the water for a long time.

The Tankwell storage is assisted with a bungee cord lacing to secure any loose item on the kayak and transport comes easy with the toggle handles. Overall, the Triton Angler holds up pretty well with a maximum weight capacity of 275lbs, this is quite compatible and ideal for lots of big kayakers out there.


  • Ideal for fishing
  • Includes rod holders
  • Great for beginners


  • Comes without paddle
  • Easy to lose seat buckles

5. Pelican Fishing Kayak

[amazon box=”B07VMTYY6R”]

Are you used to spending lazy afternoons quite often on the river? If yes, then consider the Pelican sit on top kayak. Its super lightweight and you can easily manage, thanks to its retractable carrying handles. The open cockpit further allows easy entry/exit into the kayak.

It comes with a flat bottom, great for maintaining stability as well as tracking. In terms of weight capacity, this one can accommodate up to 325 lbs. Pelican kayaks are constructed from multi-layer material with quality polyethylene (HMWPE), this makes the kayak extremely durable under heat and rough surfaces.

You’ll also get enough storage to store various accessories with the quick-lock hatch placed at the front. Storage bags and platform supported by bungee cords are provided to further enhance storage capability. Finally, you can sit back and relax with the ERGOFIT G2 seat system that includes a padded cushion and adjustable backrest.

Some additional features include 2 flush-mounted rod holders, swivel rod holder, bottle holder, adjustable footrests, and a whopping 6 accessory eyelet for attaching various gears. There’s not much left to say with this one, except it may be the perfect kayak for supporting some of your alone time adventures.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Supports various accessories
  • Lightweight


  • Low weight capacity
  • A little slow

Kayak for Big Guys Buying Guide

Guy in kayak

Purchasing a kayak can be exciting, but with different varieties available the overall process can be difficult. To lighten your load, here are some factors worth considering to make the best out of your purchase.

Weight Capacity

Like any other product, when purchasing a kayak, it’s important to consider the capacity each has to offer as it can be available in different varieties. The capacity segment includes factors like paddler’s body weight, additional items like fishing gears, coolers among others, and the weight limit of the kayak. The type of kayak can often determine how much capacity you may get.

The ocean or tour kayaks tend to provide more capacity as they’re designed for longer journeys. So, if you’re in search of a kayak that can carry about two days’ worth of supplies, go for these. Apart from having larger compartments, they’re also stronger and can withstand tougher weather conditions much better.


Kayaks primarily have two kinds of stability, a primary and a secondary one. The former relates to first step stability as you enter the kayak, this one has a lesser chance to tip when you hop on it. While the latter relates to the stability one gets as they paddle. Hence, this factor generally depends on the kind of stability you desire.

For primary stability, flat hull kayaks usually fall under recreational activities while rounded hulls for maneuverability and speed. V-shaped hulls work in favor of moving in straight lines as they have higher secondary stability, making them great for long distances as well.


An essential and basic factor to consider is, evaluating the dimensions before you get one. As mentioned above, take into account the maximum capacity your preferred kayak has to offer. You may have to consider your body weight and the gears you normally use during your adventures.

Also, look out for the length of the kayak as well. For speed, long and straight kayaks are well-suited while wider kayaks are great for ease of turning and stability but may fall behind on speed. So, be sure to have these in mind before settling on one as you’ll likely be using it for a long time.

Big and Tall Kayak FAQs

Guy with dog on kayak

Here is a list of some of the top frequented questions based on big and tall kayaks from customers. Have a look!

Is a 10ft Kayak Big Enough?

A 10ft kayak is often taken to be the common size as far as recreational kayaks go and most come with storage compartments that offer enough space to hold big users along with some gears. The 10ft sizing does help the kayak retain better maneuverability while padding on tight spaces.

If you’re relatively new to the kayaking scene, a 10ft kayak is a perfect size to get started, especially on slow-moving rivers or calm lakes. It’s certainly not the biggest but it does provide extra space to fit gears and supplies while on the water.

How Big of Waves Can a Kayak Handle?

Kayaks are certainly made for the ocean but that doesn’t mean it can handle extreme waves. Generally, kayaks can handle about 1-3ft of waves with ease but this ultimately falls on how well an individual is handling their kayak. There are various ways of managing choppy water and it’s crucial to establish the right position to prevent the kayak from tipping over when against a wave.

Breaking waves can throw powerful punches and this can be quite tricky to maneuver in the absence of proper skills. No matter the kayak, it largely depends on the individual as well. With inexperienced kayakers, a kayak may not be able to handle a 1ft wave while an experienced kayaker can handle waves 4-6ft high in their kayak.

How Big Should My Kayak Paddle Be?

Although options may vary regarding which length is the most efficient, generally a 230 cm paddle is taken to be the perfect size for average-sized kayakers. The size is great for low-angle use and smooth style paddling while 220 or 210 cm is great for aggressive and high-angle style. The size factor depends on personal build and kayak width as well.

An individual’s torso length can heavily affect paddle sizes so, a longer torso would mean a longer paddle to recover added distance. A wider kayak would also require longer paddles for stability. Hence, how big your paddle should be, can ultimately fall on your requirements as well.

Find the Best Kayak for Big Guys That’s Right for You

Kayaks come in various types – be it for average-sized or big guys. This can make choosing the right kayak seem daunting, particularly when you have a big built. Hence, it’s important to understand what you’re looking for and the purpose intended for the kayak to make the right purchase.

Kayaking comes with many health benefits and on top of it all, it’s a great activity. Therefore, you’ll want to use the best available equipment as safety is quite important and you don’t want to make things harder for yourself on the water.


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