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SwimmingPool Pumps5 Best Pool Sand Filters in 2021

5 Best Pool Sand Filters in 2021

If you have a pool in your yard, algae-ridden and stagnant water are most likely not welcomed and you may already have a filtration system. But, if you’re having a difficult time deciding on replacing your filter or purchasing a new one, you may find luck with a sand filter.

Despite being the most basic and commonly used filter, these aren’t always the easiest pick as there are several types of pool filters (such as DE filters) made available in the market. So, to help narrow your filter search, we will guide you through some of the top sand filters for your pool currently available along with some additional guidance.

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Best Pool Sand Filter Reviews

We’ve compiled our 5 best sand filters for all types of pools. Have a look! The choice is yours to decide which best suits your lifestyle and of course, budget.

1. Intex Sand Filter – Best Overall Pool Sand Filter

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Coming up at first is the Intex crystal sand pump. It provides powerful performance with the flow rate being 2800 GPH along with a system flow rate of 150 GPH. Combined with a moderate sizing and efficient horsepower, this 14-inch sand filter system is best suited for those with above ground pools.

It comes with the basic 6 function control system that offers 6 different settings, including backwash, rinse, recirculate, filter, drain and close system. This versatile set of options makes the filter incredibly easy to navigate with simple maintenance. A strainer basket is also provided, meaning you’ll likely get an easy clean and prolonged sand life.

The pump has a durable runtime and it even comes with an automatic timer to provide a more convenient usage. Looking further inside the filter pump, it is incorporated with the Hydro aeration technology to facilitate improved water filtration and circulation. This also improves the water clarity and increase the negative ions present on the water surface.

Overall, the filter can hold up well enough with a glass filter media capacity of 55lbs. it’s not that difficult to see why this one pegs the best on the list and we hope it impresses you too.


  • Easy installation
  • Versatile
  • Efficient water circulation


  • May leak in connection areas
  • Does not come with a clock timer

See This Pump in Action!

2. XtremepowerUS Sand Filter – The Runner Up

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Next is the XtremepowerUS sand filter, this one is housed by a 13-inch tank that provides a holding capacity of about 42 pounds. It is a filter that’s typically ideal for above grounds pools of about 10,000 gallons.

The filter offers an impressive performance by keeping the height of the sand level accurate to welcome water exposure to maximized sand surface level. This helps ensure better optimum filtration along with efficient backwashing and consistent performance.

Loud machines can be such a bummer but, thankfully this one eradicates the problem with its low noise design system that allows the filter pump to minimize noise during operation. The noise optimization further makes the machine energy efficient and comfortable to use.

Another bonus point for this filter is its simple and easy functionality. It comes with the 4-way multiport valve along with the 3-prong plug, supported via an electric cable. Additionally, the multi-port filter system enables much easier backwashing.

The combined effort and performance of these factors result in a portable machine that’s not only easy to use but also quick enough with an installation time of about 5 minutes. This filter may lack certain areas but makes up for it with its compact performance.


  • Strong vacuum power
  • Value for money
  • Offers exceptional cleaning


  • Poor instructions
  • Connectors may leak

3. Blue Devil Swimming Pool Filter – Best Budget Sand Filter for Your Pool

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The Blue Devil filter is another high-performing sand filter and the best thing is, it probably won’t dent your wallet as much as the others. The filter tank is molded using durable polymeric material and it can hold up to 175lbs of silica sand.

In terms of design, it has a flange clamp design that allows a 360-degree rotation. This isn’t just a design perk but helps in allowing easier installation as well. The top diffuser included ensures an even water distribution over the top layer of the sand bed. It offers a 40 GPM flow rate and max working pressure gauge of 50 psi.

The filter is easily accessible for quick drainage, which is great during winter as it provides efficient servicing and prolongs the lifespan as well. Speaking of lifespan, it also comes prepped with corrosion proofing, so, rest assured it will certainly last an entire season, if not more.

For those with a tight budget, this is a great filter as it promises an efficient performance without overselling its features. Yes, it will fall short of some features but the overall output is worth giving a shot.


  • Solid built
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Fast delivery


  • A little noisy
  • Average sand capacity

4. Intex Cartridge Filter Pump

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Another solid filter from the brand Intex is this Krystal Clear pump that comes equipped with a 2500 GPH cartridge pump. This neat pump is ideally meant for above ground pools to keep those waters clear, refreshing, and clean.

In terms of firepower, it can pump about 2,500 gallons of flow rate in an hour while maintaining about 1,900 gallons of system flow rate in an hour. This powerful pump helps keep adequate water circulation and filtration. Additionally, you’ll get an air release valve along with the sediment flush valve.

Maintenance is simply a breeze with the occasional cartridge swap or rinses for keeping the pump strong. It supports the Type B cartridges that have to be replaced within a couple of weeks. There’s no doubt it’s a powerful cartridge and can run on a built-in timer for extra convenience.

It works preferably best with ground pools containing a diameter of 24ft and much like its previous Intex mates, this one is also prepped with the Hydro aeration technology that enables better water flow. As far as cartridge pumps go, this is a great pick that offers basic functionality without downgrading its features.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Noise-free
  • Ideal for small pools


  • Requires additional parts
  • Vacuum takes time

5. Hayward ProSeries “24 Sand Filter

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Last but certainly not least on our list is the ProSeries sand filter pump from Hayward. This 24-inch filter is a neat machine for those with slightly bigger pools. It comes with a sand requirement of 300lbs and balances well with in-ground pools.

It further utilizes a precise engineered self-cleaning system that provides efficient flow and enables even water distribution. This feature usually comes of importance when maintaining balanced backwashing with long-lasting performance.

It comes with the typical 6 valve system while an integral top diffuser ensures equal water distribution on the topmost layer of the sand bed. The system facilitates easy operation and maximizes efficiency. For tough weather conditions and season, especially during winter, the filter facilitates large water/sand drainage.

Additionally, the ProSeries comes packed with several features such as corrosion proofing, the use of polymeric materials, and 360-degree self-cleaning laterals as well. This tends to make the filter much more durable and subsequently ensures a longer lifespan. Finally, this can support in-ground pools of various sizes and types.


  • Great water flow
  • Quick backwashing
  • Easy to maintain pool maintenance


  • Weak top seam
  • Moderate longevity

Pool Sand Filter Buying Guide

Pool filter

Here are some essential factors to keep in check when purchasing a new pool sand filter. We hope this will help select a suitable filter that is easy to maintain and to your liking.

Pool Size

When searching for a new pool filter, factoring in your pool size is an essential step. How many gallons does your pool usually hold? This is the question you should be asking before making a purchase. One of the general rules is, for every thousand gallons of water inside your pool, a square inch of filter area is required.

For instance, if your pool contains twenty thousand gallons of water, a 20-inch tank is highly recommended. If you’re not familiar with this, take a look at the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for your pool to get an idea.

Gallons Per Hour

If you have an active pool in your yard, chances are, you’ve heard of running the pool pump for about 10-12 hours in a day to maximize pool cleaning productivity. Hence, before you settle on a brand new filter, you have to decide on the number of hours you plan on running your pump.

Now, if you’re unaware of how to run the calculations, simply take the total vol. of water present in the pool and divide that by the number of hours the pump will run. The final number you get is exactly what you need. Note that, some sand filters do give out gallon specifications, so, read that as well.


This may not seem like an important factor but this is quite crucial in determining the kind of filter that will suit your pool. If you’re located in a colder region then, you may already know the effect cold and harsh water conditions will have on your pool. In such cases, it is highly recommended to look for sand filters that provide easy maintenance.

It is worth noting that, sand filters that are easy to install and drain during the winter for storage will offer better assistance. Picking up this type of model will also significantly increase and protect the lifespan of your filtration system.

Pool Sand Filter FAQs


Sand filters have existed for some time and this killer pool item has been the subject of many questions over the years. As such, here are some questions frequently asked regarding pool sand filters.

How Do You Change Sand in a Pool Filter?

Sand filters usually have a lifespan of 5-7 years but you may change it every 3 years or so while some may even require it to be replaced every year. Generally, for changing a sand filter, one would first have to drain the water out from the tank. Next, proceed with removing the filter head and then scoop the sand out from inside the tank.

Fill half of the tank with water and add the new sand following the manufacturer’s instructions. Continue by reattaching the filter head and then backwashing the water for about 30 seconds. Finally, turn on the filter mode and be sure to double-check for leaks.

How Does a Pool Sand Filter Work?

Sand filters are known to function through the movement of water from the top of a tank, all the way to the sand located at the bottom of a tank through high pressure. During the process, as water seeps in, the sand grains, containing sharp edges catch various particles like debris, body waste materials, and dirt.

Tiny and smaller particles are usually rid from within the water as they cycle through until eventually, the sand becomes denser and denser, after which, it has to be cleaned also known as backwashing.

How to Backwash a Pool Sand Filter?

Every sand filter makes use of similar basic mechanics and a typical filter system would usually offer 6 settings option, including backwash as well. Start by turning the pool pump off and set the valve to backwash, make sure it locks into place. Next, turn the pump back on and backwash for about 2 minutes.

Turn the pump off again and set its valve to the rinse setting. After this, turn the pump on once more and run the rinsing process for about a minute or until the water can be seen through the sight glasses. Finally, turn the pump off and start resetting the valve to filter mode, and make sure the handles are locked in place.

Find the Best Pool Sand Filter That’s Right for You

Today, you can find various types of filters for your pool online and it is crucial to make a selection that will meet your needs as a pool owner. In the end, it’s always best to select a filter that can offer great performance without hindering the bare minimum of basic maintenance.

Sand filters may be less costly as compared to others but that shouldn’t stop you from making a thoughtful purchase instead of rushing in. After all, you’ll want to purchase a filter that will make every penny worth the investment.


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