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SwimmingPool Pumps9 Best Rated Variable Speed Pool Pumps in 2021

9 Best Rated Variable Speed Pool Pumps in 2021

Pool pumps are a favorite device for pool owners everywhere.

Typically, they come in three different types according to speed levels.

Among these three categories falls the variable speed pool pump, also known as the multi-speed pool pump.

They operate with a more sophisticated motor called a permanent magnet motor.

This pump is famous for it lasting longer and working more efficiently to get rid of the debris and waste in your pool.

If you want to buy the best rated pump for your pool, then this article is just what the doctor ordered!

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Best Rated VS Pool Pump Reviews

Below we have gathered the information about the nine best rated VS pool pumps that you can use in your pool for a clean and healthy experience.

1. Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Pump

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Who wouldn’t want to have a pool pump that has a multi-speed option?

For any pool pump, this is a great addition, and the buyers of the Pentair 342001 SuperFLo are lucky to enjoy three programmable speeds, an override capability, a real-time clock with 24-hour memory retention, and a TEFC motor.

All these features together make it a great choice.

If your pool has the dimensions that require a maximum of 1.5 horsepower, then it is the perfect one.

The user has the choice to adjust the speed according to what’s needed ensuring maximum power saving.


  • Hassle-free installation
  • Quiet
  • Programmable with a 24-hour clock


  • Limited warranty of just 60 days
  • Poor customer support

2. Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Pool Pump

[amazon box=”B01EMT6IIW”]

With the variable speed option on this Hayward pump, this product is a great choice. The option of the varying speeds allows the user to save the energy and customize the usage.

This variable speed pool pump is available in two different options: 115 V and 230 V.

It has a longer life and reliable performance due to the innovative permanent magnet technology installed in the motor.

Due to the enclosed fan and the TEFC technology, the motor does not heat up quickly making it able to keep going for a long time.


  • Works quietly with minimum sound
  • Easy to mount on the wall side
  • Easy to check the rotation


  • Non-responsive customer service

3. Hayward SP2602VSP Super Pump VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump Energy Star Certified

[amazon box=”B00OMTESAS”]

Most in-ground pool owners would love to have this Super Pump for their pools.

It serves all the primary purposes of a variable speed pool pump, and the best feature appreciated by pool owners is the fact that it’s easy to install and easy to operate.

The pump is a great energy saver that allows for high flow rates.

Post-installation and usage maintenance are also not time-consuming nor painful.

Once it gets filled with debris, it’s a straightforward process to get it clean.

The user can adjust the speed according to the kind of pool and the input voltage.


  • Not very loud while operating
  • Customization of speed
  • Reduces energy consumption


  • Not comes with any warranty
  • Short-circuiting reported in the motor by some users

4. Hayward SP26115VSP Super Pump VS 0.85 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, Energy Star Certified

[amazon box=”B00ZGTZXWA”]

Many users who are already using the single speed 115V pumps are tired of their pumps.

They want to upgrade them to the latest versions.

For such a user, this multi-speed Hayward super pump is a real blessing.

There is no need to install any upgrading devices as it’s so well crafted and well-designed fulfilling all the needs a user would have.

There is no longer a need to buy huge models as this super pump is an excellent alternative to noisy, heavyweight machines.

With the pre-installed energy saving magnet motor, it’s possible to save energy and, ultimately, money.

Owners of this variable speed pump have shown satisfaction over the integrated, programmable, rotatable digital interface with 24-hour clock and up to 8 custom timer functions.


  • Relay controls for easy connectivity
  • Easy to follow user guide enclosed
  • Makes very little noise


  • Customer response cell is too slow

5. Hayward SP3202VSP 1.85 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, TriStar VS

[amazon box=”B014POPMTK”]

The Hayward SP3202VSP is a great addition to the world of pool pumps.

It’s an easy-to-install device that can be added to the pool in the stand-alone position and also with the control systems through the support of the relay control system.

What makes it worth buying is the addition of a permanent magnet to the motor.

It comes with a TEFC, so those who are worried about their electric bills don’t need to worry thanks to this energy-saving pump.

It’s a great option for any pool size and can be comfortably attached to a PVC pipe with a diameter between 2 to 2.5 inches.

It can be fitted in four different positions in your pool and the speed of the pump ranges from 600 to 3450 RPM.


  • Will likely help reduce your energy bill
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to check and maintain


  • Is a little noisy

6. Pentair Sta-Rite 343001 SuperMax VS Pool Pump

[amazon box=”B00PKPE1PA”]

For years, pool pumps have cost people a fortune in energy bills.

VS pool pumps like this one have thankfully done a great job in resolving this issue.

The Pentair Sta-Rite 343001 VS Pool Pump is excellent for pools that can be maintained 1.5 hp.

The memory retention feature is made possible with the 24-hour memory clock.

Finally, the pump is very easy to install making it one of the best rated pumps on the market today.


  • An excellent choice for natural pools
  • User-friendly interface
  • Little to no noise


  • Control display not very clear

7. Regal Beloit America – Epc ECM16SQU 1.65HP 230V Variable Speed Pool Motor Pump Square Flange

[amazon box=”B01508UCZ4″]

The success story of this pool pump begins at the installation.

The manufacturers have ensured that everything is so simple that the buyer doesn’t feel the need to get help from a professional.

The integrated user interface makes it an excellent option for those using it for the first time.

Finally, it works fantastic with third party pool automation and is safe to use in all kinds of weather conditions.

This was also one of the only pool pumps we included on this list with almost no real negative feedback from Amazon at the time of writing this article.


  • Well insulated
  • Comes with a weather shield to keep it safe in extreme temperatures
  • Perfect energy saving device


  • No cons reported by Amazon users that are significant

8. Sta-Rite P6E6VS4H-209L IntelliPro Variable Speed High-Performance Pump

[amazon box=”B007E4WG1Q”]

This pool pump belongs to the intelligent technology family.

It is energy efficient while also being a highly reliable device to add your poolside.

With eight different speed options, it’s an excellent choice for those who want a pump that works well without costing an arm and a leg.

Finally, the pump is very quiet like several of the other pool pumps featured on our site.


  • Great for all kinds of pools
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to handle
  • Built-in timer for excellent performance


  • Not compatible with certain devices
  • Controller fails from water exposure after some time

9. XtremepowerUS 1.5 HP Variable Speed in & Above Ground Pool Pump 230V

[amazon box=”B074N9PNQC”]

If you own a regular-sized pool, then this pump can do wonders for you!

For any pool that needs a 1.5 hp pump, the XtremepowerUS Variable Speed Pump is a great choice.

It works smoothly with the sand and cartridge filter.

For those who want to keep a close check on performance, this pump comes with a digital display that shows everything like the time, speed and energy consumption.

It’s covered with a clear covering that makes it convenient for the user to keep an eye on the entire system.

The pump comes with four different speed options as well making it a fantastic choice.


  • Energy-saving device
  • Has an ETL certification for safety
  • Maximum efficiency at low rates


  • Will likely require professional assistance for installation

Buyer’s Guide

As you are spending your precious money on buying a pool pump, it is a must to get the best one on the market.

Below you will find the factors that you need to take into account before spending your hard-earned money on a pool pump.

This will save you from getting something unreliable or faulty.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of a pool pump is the number of gallons moved every minute.

Check the horsepower of the pump beforehand, and check out this flow rate guide for an in-depth look at calculating things like maximum flowrate and turnover.

Dimensions of the Pipe

Once installed, the PVC and the pump’s horsepower needs to be well adjusted.

Otherwise, the system will fail, so it’s essential to check the diameter of the PVC to ensure everything is installed correctly.

In case you are installing a new system, make sure not to get a PVC pipe that has a width less than 2.5 inches especially when you are about to use a high power pump.


It’s usually thought that more horsepower means better performance, but this is just a myth.

What is essential to have the best rated pool pump is that it’s both easy to manage and has the right amount of horsepower for your specific pool size.


The minimum voltage for a pool pump is 115 volts while you can get a maximum of 230 volts.

Check the voltage of the existing system with the help of a multimeter.


Always compare the efficiency of the machine, the features, and the price.

As we mentioned, it’s not always the case that the pump with the highest speed is the best.

You can get the right one for your pool according to your budget even if the speed isn’t the “best”.


It might be easy to buy a pool pump online, but it can certainly be a pain to find the best one for you.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in your search for the best rated variable speed pool pump on the market.

May your summers be amazing with a fresh and excellent pool that hopefully contains one of these incredible pool pumps!


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