Can You Use a Kiteboard for Wakeboarding?

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by Alessia Palmas

Can You Use a Kiteboard for Wakeboarding?

Every day, people come up with new inventions or new ways of doing things. In this article, we’ll be looking at if it’s possible to use a kiteboard for wakeboarding.

At a Water Ski Lift

Many people wonder if they can use a kiteboard for wakeboarding without taking into consideration the place they’re planning to try it at. Those who have tried it say it is possible at a water ski lift. The process still seems difficult when you are just getting started, but if you are truly an enthusiast about it after taking several splashes you will be able to figure it out. Again, there is something that is vital to consider when thinking if you can use a kiteboard for wakeboarding. This is about your body position.

When you use a kiteboard for wakeboarding, push your toes forward and then bring your knees to your chest and arms while stretching out to touch your board with your knuckles. In the event that your board is pulling you, push with either of your feet forward harder to maintain the stability and efforts of the pulling board.

When There is No Wind

It is not a hard thing to use a kiteboard for wakeboarding, but the difference comes only at times when there is wind and when there is not. A kiteboard needs the wind, but when there is no wind it’s not effective and that is why you can change it for wakeboarding. To get started, keep your kiteboard perpendicular while bending your knees and try not to forget the most important part, which is keeping your arms straight.

The next thing to watch out about is the shape of your back. Kiteboards and ski boards do not come with the same shapes and edges, which makes it hard at times to shift their uses, but the good news is you can wakeboard when your back is straight. So the idea here is to make sure your hands and back are straight while the board is in a perpendicular form.

The Shape of Your Kiteboard

The other thing to help you use a kiteboard for wakeboarding depends on the shape of the kiteboard you want to use. You already know that some kiteboards are shaped to hold onto an edge, which will make it harder to use it for wakeboarding. The other thing is that the shape needs to look like that of the wakeboard rocker, rounder in shape, to navigate or easily maneuver. Also, when choosing to use a kiteboard for wakeboarding, check out the power to see if there are any issues before starting out.

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