How to Put Bindings on a Wakeboard

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by Alessia Palmas

How to Put Bindings on a Wakeboard

When you want to make the most of your wakeboarding experience, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. This will range from your balance, the shape of your board, the suit you wear while wakeboarding, the weight it can carry and even the type of board you have. These days, water sporting has become an activity that everyone wants to participate in. When it comes to waterboarding specifically, you may want to know how to put bindings on a wakeboard. This is to help you maintain balance and stay safe while riding. With that being said, the set up for binding your wakeboard is vital. Let’s have a look at how to put bindings on a wakeboard.

Determining Your Stance

The first step is to determine the side of the board your feet will be. Before you start this process, make sure you know which foot will be at the front of the board when you’re riding. The best tip is to investigate whether you are a person that is “regular” or “goofy” – footed.

Determine the Width of the Binding

The wakeboard binding plates always come with holes and drills that determine where you will place the bindings. This is to help you know the angles at which you will be able to change the positions of the bindings on the board. The only thing that you need to make the binding fit is making sure you know the width at which you will space them apart. The best and most recommend width is a shoulder-length apart, but you can easily find it by jumping in the air and letting your feet land. The space at which your feet separate is the best width for you to use.

Rotating the Mounting Disk

Once you have the width and the position of your feet, you can now start binding by rotating your mounting disk. The disk can be rotated at about 10 degrees for front binding and around 10 degrees for the rear binding. You should keep in mind that the rotation of the mounting disk is determined by the terrain you’ll be wakeboarding in.

Adjusting Binding Angles

The best binding process comes with certain degrees placed on the front and back binding. Knowing them is the only way to help you with how to put bindings on a wakeboard. Most back binding calls for zero degrees when binding, while most of the front binding depends on the level of experience you have in wakeboarding. If you are a beginner, rotate your front binding at about 15 to 27 degrees. If you are more intermediate, 18 degrees on average and four to five holes back is a great fit. If you are an expert wakeboarder, both your front and back binding can be set at about 9 degrees.

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