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FishingHow to Make a Wooden Spear Gun

How to Make a Wooden Spear Gun

If you check out the lists of things water lovers love, you will definitely see spearfishing among them. The best part of spearfishing is not only swimming with quality carbon fins but also making a gun that is custom to you. Today I’ll break down how to make a wooden spear gun. Most spear gun producers will give you the materials either individually, or in a kit that comes with trigger pieces. If you’re looking to make an excellent wooden spear gun, here are some of the materials you should have on hand:

African Teak Wood

There are many types of teak woods out there, but if you’re looking for the best, pick the African teak wood. This wood has an oily texture and some rubber properties, making it resistant to adverse weather conditions. The other benefit of African tweak wood is that it doesn’t absorb water; it has a density that makes it float in water (but isn’t as “rare” as a buoy, for example). It is also very stable. If you want to make the best harpoon, you may want to have about three to four pieces of teak wood to help you create the gun that accommodates your needs.

Epoxy Resin

Now, some people make wonderful spear guns but fail to apply a durable adhesive to their parts. Experts recommend Epoxy resin as the best glue to hold your speargun in position. Other adhesives do soften in water and simply don’t have the elasticity abilities that resin has, making it the most used glue when making a wooden spear gun. You don’t want your speargun to soften, break or lose elasticity in the water.

A Carpenter Plane

The other thing to decide on is the shape you desire. Most people don’t keep this in mind, leading them to make wooden spearguns that break down over time due to lack of symmetry. On the other hand, the process of making a wooden speargun doesn’t have to take a lot of time! Speaking of time, a carpenter plane will help you come up with the correct shape in about 30 minutes. The main thing to remember is to keep your cuts wide in order to leave room for error.

A Router

When making your wooden speargun, the harpoon requires the most attention because it is where the arrow is inserted. Generally speaking, you need a router to mill the groove or a rail for the harpoon. The best tool for this is a router. The router also comes in handy when making the shaft for the trigger particulars. The idea here is to make sure you have come up with a spear gun that has an accurate shaft for the trigger and a precisely crafted harpoon. Lastly, you should keep an angle grinder in your arsenal for shaping perfect angles for your gun. This will ensure your gun’s durability and symmetry.


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