Ronix has established itself as one of the more prominent names in wakeboards.

On name recognition alone, Ronix has certainly garnered its fair share of sales in this highly competitive field.

Created by Danny Harf, his signature series of wakeboarders has been hailed as some of the best available.

The Ronix One is designed along those lines, but does it stand next to the rest of the field with the same quality as the rest?

Wakeboard Specs

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What follows are the features that help make the Ronix One stand out from the competition.

Many of these features are also found on other Ronix wakeboards.

  • Speedwalls
  • Three-Stage Rocker
  • Fuse Stringers
  • 1” Fiberglass Ramp Fins
  • .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins

The use of fiberglass helps bring strength and durability to a lightweight design that comes in at 15 lbs. with shipping.

The three-stage rocker is also standard on many wakeboards.

Pros of the Ronix One Wakeboard

There are numerous advantages to the Ronix One, starting with the brand reputation for high quality.

This version does build on the success of previous models while retaining the overall strength and durability that makes it an exceptional wakeboard.

Fuse Stringers

The famed fuse stringers that have helped make Ronix a recognizable company in the field are present on this wakeboard as well.

This means you get a higher quality experience while riding the waves.

It also means that you can push the wakeboard to perform as needed in different speed conditions.


You might say it better be durable for the price, but nothing has been left out of this design which means that it will last under normal conditions.

Because of the durable materials which are both sturdy and flexible, you get the control you want while the board stays in top condition with minimal maintenance over its lifetime.


The use of four fiberglass fins for both ramp and free agent helps to maximize control.

This means that the design of the fins cuts into the water enough to augment the control while still allowing for the right balance and force to be used.

Cons of the Ronix One Wakeboard

About the only downside, and it may be a sizable one, is the price.

While there is little doubt that the Ronix One is worth it to make wakeboarders, the sticker shock may be a little much for newcomers.

So, while the wakeboard itself would make for a good starter board, there are other models that are considerably cheaper that might be a better investment.

Verdict: Is This Wakeboard Worth Grabbing?

As you might expect with a brand name like Ronix, the Ronix One is a superb wakeboard that offers plenty of features well suited to the beginner, intermediate, and even advanced wakeboarder.

The Ronix One offers exceptional control thanks to the four fins that provide the ability to cut through the water.

While it suffers from the same catching of edges as all wakeboards of its size do, this one does manage to overcome at least some of the issues while remaining a tough, durable product.

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