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Water SportsWakeboardingLiquid Force TEX 134 LTD Wakeboard Review: Is it Worth Getting?

Liquid Force TEX 134 LTD Wakeboard Review: Is it Worth Getting?

Liquid Force has made a name for itself when it comes to designing exceptional wakeboards.

The reputation of the company it such that many trust its name alone when deciding on which wakeboard is right for their needs.

Today, it does seem that Liquid Force is still primarily focused on providing safe, solid wakeboards that offer considerable action to both beginning and intermediate riders.

The TEX134 LTD is certainly no exception, but does it really live up to the company’s reputation for high-quality products?

Wakeboard Specs

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Although the striking design may make the TEX 134 LTD look unique, it does have the same basic size, length, and weight of most wakeboards on the market.

However, it also packs some interesting features as well.

  • D-I-S-C Hull through the Center
  • Three Stage, Hybrid Rocker
  • Long Slider Fins
  • Full Body Double Concave Tail

The features themselves are augmented by the durable design and solid materials used in the creation of this wakeboard line.

Pros of the Liquid Force TEX 134 LTD Wakeboard

Here are some of the pros that the TEX 134 LTD wakeboard has to offer:

Great Control Thanks to Three-Stage Rocker

The three-stage rocker is exceptional as it provides you the ability to smooth out the small waves for better control.

The three stages let you balance on the wakeboard better while still letting you maximize control when on the waves.

Add to this the slider fins that are tough and durable and you wind up with more control when riding.

Variable Edge Rail

The variable edge rail is a delight as it lets you make small errors that will not add up to big mistakes.

In other words, many wakeboards tend to be unforgiving if you push them too far or even make a small error in direction compared to the pull.

The TEX 134 LTD does not catch like many other wakeboards which lets you edge the waves without spilling over them.

Softer Landings

The D-I-S-C or Double Inside Single Concave shape helps you maintain control while softening the landings on this wakeboard.

The result is a ride in different wave conditions that is both more predictable while requiring else effort.

This means that you get increased control that allows you to relax more while enjoying the action.

Cons of the Liquid Force TEX 134 LTD Wakeboard

There are few issues with the TEX 134 LTD which includes the price which is more than reasonable given all the features.

For many, this may be their first wakeboard, but really only the intermediate and advanced riders will get the most out of it.

Still, there is really no downside considering all this wakeboard packs for a nice price.

Verdict: Is This Wakeboard Worth Getting?

Despite the rather basic appearance at first, the TEX 134 LTD by Liquid Force is a winner.

The long slider fins combine with the double concave tail for maximum control.

The basic shape actually augments the fins and sliders to provide a predictable direction and control over the board itself.

Of course, no wakeboard is perfect, and this model is really designed for intermediate to advanced riders, but even beginners will get a good feel for riding the waves when using this wakeboard.


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