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SwimmingPool Pumps8 Best Inground Pool Cover Pumps in 2021

8 Best Inground Pool Cover Pumps in 2021

Gusts that bring dust, leaves or any other air pollutants along with it may be seen or felt on the surface of a swimming pool.

Moreover, the rainwater that pours into the swimming pool can overflow the clean water that was in the pool which can be very dangerous as it could be acidic rain and will require a lot of time to clean up if done manually.

Therefore, to get a more transparent pool and get the work done quickly without a lot of time being wasted by doing the cleaning manually, one should get an inground pool cover pump and make things more simple.

Getting a pool cover pump makes your life easier as it does the cleaning and removes all the waste materials from your pool itself without any manpower required.

To help you choose the best inground pool cover pump, we have compiled a list of the best pumps on the market today.

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Best Inground Pool Cover Pump Reviews

Below are our product reviews of our eight picks for the best inground pool cover pumps.

With each product review, you’ll get the pros, cons, and a full in-depth analysis of what each product is and how it works.

Before buying a pool cover pump, read through our reviews and then make your choice.

1. Little Giant Apcp-1700 Automatic Swimming Pool Cover Submersible Pump

[amazon box=”B000WQZCQO”]

The Little Giant Apcp-1700 is a 115-volt automatic pool cover pump with low energy consumption and a permanent split capacitor motor.

The submersible pump removes stagnant water and makes your life easier thanks to no manual work being required.

It also comes with a removable intake screen which makes it easier for cleaning and general maintenance.

It has a built-in handle for portability and ease for placement and renewal.

It also features an integrated float switch for reliable automatic activities in 2 inches of water.


  • Automatic pool cover pump
  • Built-in handle for portability and ease for replacement and renewal
  • Activates in 2 inches of water


  • It is not eligible for international shipping.
  • Warranty for only three years, not lifetime

2. WAYNE HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

[amazon box=”B008PPPRUK”]

The WAPC 250 is a direct on/off water removal pool cover pump.

It turns automatically turns on or off by sensing the water.

The maximum flow rate of it is 3000 gallons per hour using a 1-1/4 drain hose.

It is an energy-efficient, oil-free, and high-flow pool pump.

When the temperature drops below the freezing point, remove the pump and store it indoors as it will protect the pump from damage caused by ice.

The pump has a single protection circuit to protect the motor from dirt and other substances.

It automatically does this by turning on or off and protects the motor from overheating as well.

The motor will continue this for some time until eventually, the unit will remain off for 12 hours checking twice a day for a freed impeller.

Once the pump can operate properly, it will continue its daily operations.

To reset this delay without waiting 12 hours momentarily, simply unplug the pump.


  • It automatically turns on or off through sensing water
  • Automatic freeze protection


  • The low flow switch turns off the pump itself before all water is pumped

3. Pumps Away Swimming Pool Cover Pump by Pool Part to Go

[amazon box=”B07PF76J4Y”]

The genius automatic 800 GPH Submersible pool cover pump is a great addition to our list of the best pool cover pumps.

It is able to pump up to 800 gallons per hour and has an automatic on/off switch down to 1/8 inch of water.

The cover pump has a unique pre-filter sponge pad that stops leaves and debris from clogging the pump.

Its power cord is 25 feet long allowing ease of use and comfortability.

Finally, it has a standard hose adapter for simple installation and quick setup.

It’s designed to be oil-free for environmental protection, is energy-saving, and is easy to clean.


  • Automatic on/off switch
  • Designed to be oil-free
  • Energy saving
  • Easy cleaning


  • Complaints that the pump randomly stops working

4. Pumps Away Giant Superior 800 GPH Winter Swimming Pool Cover Pump Above Ground or Inground Pools

[amazon box=”B01N19L2QJ”]

This superior giant pool winter cover pump removes stagnant water with ease!

It pumps up to 800 gallons per hour and weighs around 2.7 pounds.

In addition, this pool cover pump is able to pump up to 3350 GPH, is fully submersible, and comes with a reusable foam filter.

The pump has a massive seven stabilizing base platform.

While it’s not automatic like a few other of the pool cover pumps featured in this article, it’s still a great product overall with no game-breaking cons.


  • Completely submersible
  • Reusable filtering pad
  • Easy usage and setup


  • Not automatic

5. Pumps Away 350 GPH Submersible Swimming Pool Winter Cover Pump

[amazon box=”B00ZS34GL8″]

As its name implies, the Pumps Away 350 GPH Submersible Pool Winter Cover Pump pumps up to 350 gallons of water per hour.

It pumps water within 1/8 inch deep and has a unique pre-filter sponge pad to prevent leaves and debris from clogging the pump.

A standard hose adapter for simple installation and quick setup is included.

The only real downside with this one, again, is that it’s a manual pump and does not have an automatic feature.


  • Designed to be oil-free for environmental protection
  • Energy saving
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not automatic

6. Little Giant PCP550 14942702 Pool Cover Pump

[amazon box=”B0013KCOIW”]

This Little Giant pool cover pump will remove up to 550 gallons of water per hour, has a removable intake screen, and has a 3/4 inch garden hose connection.

It comes with a 25-foot cord eliminating any hassle getting the pump plugged in and ready to go.

If you face any inconvenience within 30 days, you are free to call their tech support team which is pretty great.

There is no need for any battery for this pump, and it has both an automatic and manual feature.

It has a thermoplastic pump which helps to clean the screen easily as the screen is removable which helps in cleaning and maintaining it efficiently.


  • 25-foot cord
  • Removes 550 GPH
  • Removable intake screen
  • Has both automatic and manual options


  • Consumers have complained that the pump will break down

7. Little Giant 500500 1-AA-18

[amazon box=”B000KB0ROS”]

The Little Giant submersible pool cover pump includes an 18-ft cord, garden hose adapter, and elbow accessory.

It has an epoxy-coated aluminum housing with an inlet screen.

The pump weighs in at around 2.83 lbs and is overall a great pool cover pump.

The only main downside with this pump is it is not automatic.


  • Garden hose adapter
  • Epoxy coated aluminum housing


  • Manual

8. Fibro Electric Swimming Pool Winter Cover Drain Pump

[amazon box=”B01GQUOS5A”]

The fibro pool has been designed to be the fastest, easiest and most affordable draining solution offered in the market.

Complete with a 16-foot drain hose, this kit only requires seconds to set up allowing you to leave your garden hose where it belongs in the garage.

The pump also removes water at a rate of 600 gallons per hour which helps save time and energy.

It has a heavy-duty design increasing the life span of your pump.

We recommend buying this pump as it takes less time to set up compared to others and is also automatic removing up to 600 gallons of water per hour.


  • Automatic
  • Most affordable


  • No sensory shutoff switch

Buyer’s Guide

The factors that every buyer should consider before purchasing an inground pool cover pump for themselves are stated below.

If you’ve had a bad experience before or you have no idea about how to purchase a pool cover pump or where to get it from, this guide should help point you in the right direction.

This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re supposed to be looking for in your inground pool cover pump.


The regular voltage for a pool pump is typically 115-230 volts.

While some pumps can run on both, not all of them are able to so be sure to check the voltage level needed. Otherwise, your pool’s motor might burn.

With or Without Timer

While buying a motor, this factor should be considered the most as it saves a lot of time and reduces the amount of money in your electric bill by saving energy.

People rarely look at this factor before deciding to purchase a pool pump, and they should as it can be extremely beneficial.

If you want to have a long-lasting motor and a smaller electric bill, then this factor should be considered.

Robust Motor

A strong engine that provides the required rate of gallons per hour and is powerful enough for your pool or spa should be preferred.

The motor should be formed from robust housing and should protect against dust and dirt.

Energy Efficiency

It’s best to consider a pool pump that requires a lower amount of electricity and saves energy.

Pump Rate

2-speed and variable pumps should be enlisted as they save energy and improve efficiency.

These water pumps also save energy by adapting the pump rate according to what is needed.


The information provided above will hopefully help you choose the best inground pool cover pump for your pool.

Be sure to check out our other pool pump reviews if you’re looking for other types of pumps for your swimming pool!


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