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SwimmingPool MaintenanceHow to Clean a Green Pool in 24 Hours

How to Clean a Green Pool in 24 Hours

While it is always desirable to keep your pool crystal clear, it is not always possible.

There will be times when the presence of algae turns your pool a cloudy or green color.

Perhaps too much pollen, copper, or other contaminants will cause your pool to turn green or cloudy as well.

In any case, you can get the water back to its proper clarity in just 24 hours.

You may be wondering how it is possible to get your pool back to its original condition in just one day when you may have spent months trying to clear the contaminants from the water.

The truth is that you do not need expensive professional care or rare chemicals to get the job done.

All you really need is the right products and proper techniques to know how to clean a green pool in 24 hours.

What Causes Discoloration?

Remember that the environment may work against you in terms of keeping your pool clear.

Hot and muggy conditions are ripe for the growth of algae, bacteria, and other microbes.

Under the right temperatures and humidity levels, even the proper amount of chlorine may not be enough to clear away the contaminants.

Before you start cleaning your pool, it pays to know why it turns cloudy or green.

The main reason for the color change is a pH imbalance.

If the water is too alkaline, then it cannot destroy the bacteria and algae which causes the water to turn green.

However, if the water is too acidic, it will erode any plastic or metal components of the pool and change the color of the water away from its natural blue.

In addition, a clogged filter may also be the reason why the pool is green.

The first step is to address the pool filter and make sure it is clean of any debris.

It will not do you any good to have a clogged pool filter, even if you take all the other steps to clean your pool.

Steps to Clean Your Pool in 24 Hours

By following a few simple steps, you can ensure that you know exactly how to clean a green pool in 24 hours.

  • Check pH Balance
  • Clean Filter & Skim the Pool with a Net
  • Remove any Additional Debris
  • Add Algaecide and Run the Pump for 60 Minutes
  • Brush & Vacuum the Pool

The pH level will let you know what chemicals to use to adjust the acidity or alkaline levels.

Once you know what to add, the next step is cleaning the filter and pool of any debris.

Then, add algaecide to rid it of any algae that may be remaining. Brush the pool if needed and run the vacuum to get at any algae that might have escaped the algaecide.

Finally, run the pump for the remaining 24 hours to ensure the circulation of the right chemicals which will clear the pool.

While there still may be some remaining bacteria and algae, the pool itself should be clear and ready for swimming.


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