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SwimmingPool MaintenanceHow to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool Without a Vacuum

How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool Without a Vacuum

Keeping a pool clean, whether it is in-ground or above the ground means using the right equipment to get the job done.

There is little doubt that a specialty pool vacuum makes cleaning a lot easier, especially for above-ground pools.

But it is possible to keep a clean pool without a vacuum if you have the right tools and use the right methods.

Of course, if you want to make cleaning your pool easier, then limit the amount of debris that collects within the pool.

Before removing the cover, sweep or use a leaf blower to get rid of any debris near the pool.

Be sure to replace your cover before leaving the pool so it does not collect any additional debris when you are not around.

But when you need to clean your pool, what you use will depend on the type of debris that most commonly infests your pool.

This means that large debris takes different tools and methods compared to small debris.

Leaf Rake

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If your pool has large debris, such as twigs, flower petals, leaves, and more, then a leaf rake is arguably your best choice.

Be sure to use a plastic leaf rake as it will not scratch the surface.

Simply pile up the debris in one place with the rake and then remove it.

Tennis Balls

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One of the simplest ways to address the oil, lotions, and insect repellents that come from swimmers is tennis balls.

Toss a few tennis balls into the pool and let them float around.

Pool Filter System

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If your pool has a filter, then you can use it to get rid of small debris like sand or algae.

You’ll need to clean the filter first to ensure that it is working properly.

Then, shut off the filter and brush the sides of the pool to get the small particles in the water itself.

The filter will take care of the rest, as long as you use the right brush for the type of pool that you own.


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The old-fashioned brush is a traditional piece of equipment that has been used for cleaning pools for a long time.

You will need to get the right brush for the type of pool that you own.

A hard surface like concrete means a stiff, coarse brush while a soft, vinyl liner requires a softer nylon or rubber brush.

How to Clean the Bottom of Your Pool Without a Vacuum: Take it Slow!

If your pool does not have a filter and it is infested with small particles, then your work will be more labor-intensive.

You will need to use a strong, but slow-moving technique with the brush to remove the particles from the sides and bottom of the pool without stirring them up.

Once the pile is at the bottom, you will need a dustpan to scoop them up. Put the debris in a bucket outside the pool.

It may take a little extra work to clean your pool without a vacuum, but it can be done if you apply the right tools and techniques!


  1. I need a separate controlled vacuum for my pool to get did if th small like dusty dirt on the bottom of the pool, I have no means of connecting one in the pool. Are there any available run off a separate supplement I can use.


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