There are many different ways to clean your swimming pool. Some people just soda-blast it. Other people sand-blast it. Today, however, I’d like to show you a method that is completely “blast” free. Here is how you can clean your pool tiles with muriatic acid.

Pool tiles suffer from contamination that comes from water molds, calcium, dirty infiltration systems, other swimmers, mildew and other contaminations that bring about your pool’s uncleanliness. When it comes to muriatic acid, however, we’re not just talking vinegar and pressure washing. This is a method that is effective and trusted by most cleaning experts. You can always get the acid from a pool store or a home improvement facility. Once you’ve gotten your hands on some, here’s what to do with it:

Gather Other Materials

When it comes to cleaning your pool tile with muriatic acid, you need to gather a few accessories. It behooves you to grab gloves, plastic spoons, spray bottles, a nonabrasive scouring pad, a bucket, a marker, and a respirator. With all these materials at hand, put on your gloves, your goggles, and the respirator. Start to mix your ingredients carefully. Now you’re ready to dive into the cleaning process.

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Equipped with your safety gear, fill the bucket with a gallon of water and pour about 8 ounces of the acid into a measuring cup. Carefully pour the acid into the water (not the water into the acid, to avoid caustic splashes). Make sure to pour the acid slowly and keep your body away from the process.

Label the Bottles

If you were wondering what a marker had to do with cleaning your pool, it is to help you mark and label your spray bottles. Make sure you have labeled the correct names for the acid and the cleaning solutions to avoid hazards. When you are done with the bottles, proper disposal is mandatory to avoid any ill effects.

Scrub the Tiles

While you are standing outside of the pool, use the bottles to spray the tiles. The reason for this is to avoid any contact with your skin or eyes. When you are finished spraying, scrub the tiles using your nonabrasive scouring pad while keeping it as far away from your body as possible. Lastly, make sure that if there is any acid remaining to keep it away from the pool to avoid contaminations.

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